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Angelina? I think?

Went out to some kind of homo-themed show with the party gays last night. Quick scan of the room revealed: mostly straight girls and gay guys. Well... ok then. Saw one sort of non-descript lesbian and I thought, "I guess I could maybe do that." While scanning for better options, I heard someone behind me say something about lesbians & I turned around involuntarily, and non-descript lesbian had appeared right behind me. So she pulled me into her conversation with her wing-friend who was also possibly her boss? She was working pretty hard to pick me up, and I thought, "Well, this is new." Anyway, turned out that she was an immunologist from Pittsburgh and had a cute accent that made me think her native language was Spanish. I thought, well, this is exactly the type of girl Jason's always saying I should get with. So then we danced for quite a while and made out a little bit. It was nice I guess, but I couldn't really get my lady-boner up for her so when the show ended she went home and I went to Pony with the party gays and watched the go-go boy.

Not really bathroom material, but...

what good is this community if I can't use it to post random crap I haven't heard in years?

Well, El Paso is in West Texas and Jason is from West Texas, right? Also, I like to think my eyes are wicked and evil. I think that's enough relevance.

Good Boy

Shoot, it seems like I'm the last person on earth to see this, but I think it belongs here anyway.

I'm a little bit in love with every person in this video.

Dang it!

All my condoms are expired! Again! This has been happening to me ever since college... that was over 10 years ago!!!!!

Uh oh!

I just saw a dude with a beard, and he looked... attractive.

Guys... something might be wrong with me.
Text message yesterday morning: Hello Grace!
In the afternoon: Ma'am?
Me, the next morning: I think you might have the wrong number, this is Amanda.
Response: Oh dear, terribly sorry for the inconvenience
Me: No worries!
Response: You are delightful! Have a wonderful day!


seems to have mostly recovered from the bike accident and still wants to hang out, so now I've got blondes all over the place!


Ok, so I was thinking it over, and since I don't actually enjoy sex or or girlfriends that much, I think what I really want is just the satisfaction of being hot and unattainable. How can I achieve this???

edit: srsly guys is it so unattainable that you have no adviec???? that's wasn't a rhatorical question!


It sucks when someone you wanted to stay with marries the person they date after you. But I guess I'm not surprised, because she's actually just marrying Japan.